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Ball valve confirmed that the pre-installation preparations
( Updated: May 18, 2012 )
1, to ensure that the location of the ball valve is installed in the coaxial line position on the pipeline flange 2 should be maintained in parallel, to confirm their own pipeline to withstand the weight of the ball valve, if we find that the ball valve can not bear the weight of the pipeline, the pipeline before the installation is equipped with the corresponding support. 

2, to confirm if there were impurities in the pipeline, welding slag, etc., must be to purge and clean inside the pipeline. 

3, matching nameplate ball valve, ball valve and closed several times for full-wide operation, confirmed that the normal work of the valve, then a comprehensive inspection of all the details of a valve to ensure the valve intact. 

4, remove the protective cover at both ends of the valve, check valve body is clean, clean body cavity, as the ball valve is the sealing surface of the ball shape, even if small debris can also cause damage to sealing surface.
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