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How clever pieces of metal pipe to prevent corrosion?
( Updated: June 22, 2012 )

More seriously, after shedding coating and corrosion products easy to plug the heat exchangers and other components, thus affecting the vehicle's cooling.
Although ordinary Dacromet rust better technology, but poor adhesion with the metal surface, the rapid erosion in the medium term under the coating easily damaged, so that the tube significantly reduced the overall corrosion resistance.
So in the end how to do metal pipe corrosion?
Here's a comprehensive anti-corrosion metal tube method, specifically the surface of the vehicle with the metal tube multiple integrated anti-corrosion anticorrosion treatment method, the metal pipe fittings need to be addressed in turn as follows: A, degreasing, rust; B, zinc chrome coating; C, top closed;
The steps described in B were combined before phosphating. The corrosion of zinc chromate coating method is based on the advantages and disadvantages for zinc and chromium coating tube water systems and the use of the special nature of the structure, using the "complex of chromium and zinc phosphate coating + top closed, "a comprehensive Corrosion of new technology, the resulting composite coating has strong adhesion, high temperature (280 ℃), erosion-resistant characteristics, and markedly increase the pipeline's corrosion resistance than ordinary Dacromet have a stronger binding process Strength and resistance to erosion.

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